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 Texturing is now finished on most of my model, so I though I'd post another update.  I just have the hard surface stuff left to do and it'll be done.  I'm also about 1/3 of the way through retopologizing him, so hopefully I'll have a finished, game ready model in the next week or so.

I did a shader test for the head using the 3 point realtime viewport shader.  Check it out after the jump >>

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My newest project, made (for the most part) in ZBrush 4.  I didn't really use a ton of the new features, but what I did have a go at was pretty impressive.  

So I don't remember what kicked it all off, but I really wanted to do a steampunk character all of a sudden.  I still have to give him hair, but I figured hair cards would be a lot easier then trying to do any kind of ZBrush wizardry to try and get it looking good.  I'm texturing / retopologizing at the moment, so I'm hopeful that I'll be finished within the next week or so.

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Mai waifu runs a freelance photography racket.  She has a deal going up soon for folks in the Toronto area on StealTheDeal. She wanted a banner dealie to show when the ad ran on their site, so I sprang to action. Done in maybe 4 hours, and rendered in finalRender.

Side note: I have my newest character sculpt finished; I should prolly post it.  Maybe tomorrow at lunch... MAYBE.

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I should really move on and start doing studies of other parts of the body, or maybe cloth, but oh well.  For now, you get another bust.  Did this one as a test in ZBrush4.  It is awesome by the way, just in case you didn't know.  Also a bit of practice for texturing, since I never end up doing them...  Anyway, more to come soonish, model sheet after the break, etc, etc, etc.

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 So first of all: first new post in forever.  Sorry about that.  I am working on a new big project; I'll post that when the sculpt is done.  In the meantime you get this.

I played way too much Red Dead Redemption when it came out, and decided to model Marston.  I ended up making his face kinda more muscular then it should be, and I'd planned on doing the hair in max, but well, you can see that didn't happen.  Rather then have this model disappear into the ether, however, I've decided to post it here in it's current state.  I plan on going back and at least finishing the sculpt when I'm done my new project, but well, I plan a lot of things... We'll see how it goes.

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Me and my pals Don and Nate have decided to start making a game in our spare time.  We are going for a more exaggerated style for the characters, so this is one of the concept sculpts I did (I sculpt better / faster then I draw).  This dude is meant to be a kind of tall and lanky guy, but the plan is to have a few other body types in here too.  Anyway, we're just kinda in the "hashing out the details" phase, so lots left to do before I'll have anything finished to show.

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So I haven't traditionally been so great with likenesses.  I've started to focus on that, in an effort to improve.  This is one such sketch.  Angelina Jolie bust; done in about 2 hours, since, like I said, I suck at likenesses at the moment.  I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

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A work in progress of the newest character I'm working on.  I'm starting poly painting today, and I'll post again when that's done.  The hands still need some work, but I'll come back to them a bit later.  I think all told I've spent about 15ish hours on this so far.

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...It was a monster sketch!

A challenge on the ZBrushed forums - "Cute Monster".  This was my entry.  I spent around 3 hours on it.  I'm quite happy with how it turned out, given the amount of time I had to work on it before the challenges deadline (it was a weekend challenge, but I only had a few hours Sunday to work on it).

As an aside, I'm working on my next big project, and it's almost done.  I'll post soon, when the sculpt is finished.  Stay tuned!

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Me and a friend of mine were discussing the desire to be part of a 3D community the other day, and we got to talking about our attempts to join large sites with a huge member base, and kinda getting lost in the shuffle. Well, one thing led to another,and we ended up coming to the conclusion that, eff it, we're gonna start our own. - bookmark this link boyos. We are a small community, dedicated to showing our work, giving honest feedback, and growing as artists.  We are looking for people that want to share their work, improve themselves, and most importantly, be a part of a small community of artists that want to do the same.  If you are like us and are tired of getting little, if any, feedback on the larger sites, come and see us.  You'll be glad you did.

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This happened.  Hit the jump for an explanation and an enchanting new desktop wallpaper.

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So my friend Dave Dind was showing some work at the Toronto ComicCon this weekend and ended up snagging like a ton of magic card packs.  He gave me 3 of them, cause I was looking to learn how to play.  As I was checking through the cards I got, I saw this "Diabolic Tutor" card, whose art was pretty badass, and so I did the bust over lunch.  Total time was probably about 40 minutes.

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Bust done over the course of a few hours today.  The initial design was based off an image I found on the internets, but I can't seem to find it now... Oh well.  I kinda think he turned out as some kind of amalgam of Wrex and Boss Nass.  Anyways, ZBrush character sheet after the jump...

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Done today over my lunch hour.  I've been working on sculpting more female characters; for a while they were all pretty dudesome.. I think I'm finally catching on though.

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Another lunchtime project. Started as just a quick head sketch, but I decided to texture it. Made in ZBrush, textured with ZAppLink and just good old fasioned Photohopping too. Rendered with Mental Ray in 3dsMax.  It took altogether maybe 3 hours. 

Hit the jump for a back view and turntable animation...

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My newest project. An anatomy study based off the classic Greek sculpture "Farnese Hercules". Fans of the show "Arrested Development" will also take note that Herc here has a bit of a medical condition: He's a nevernude. I know, weird right?

This was made over my lunch breaks for about 2 weeks or so (Christmas break messed up my count). Special thanks go to Goran Zovkic for the inspiration on the cutoffs.

Hit the jump for more renders and a turntable video...


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