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So my friend Dave Dind was showing some work at the Toronto ComicCon this weekend and ended up snagging like a ton of magic card packs.  He gave me 3 of them, cause I was looking to learn how to play.  As I was checking through the cards I got, I saw this "Diabolic Tutor" card, whose art was pretty badass, and so I did the bust over lunch.  Total time was probably about 40 minutes.

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Bust done over the course of a few hours today.  The initial design was based off an image I found on the internets, but I can't seem to find it now... Oh well.  I kinda think he turned out as some kind of amalgam of Wrex and Boss Nass.  Anyways, ZBrush character sheet after the jump...

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Done today over my lunch hour.  I've been working on sculpting more female characters; for a while they were all pretty dudesome.. I think I'm finally catching on though.


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