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I've FINALLY done it. Steampunk-Man McGee is finally retopologized, and the normal and texture maps have been shifted over. I used this cool plugin for Max called Max_Retopo that shrink wraps any geometry you model around the high poly base. I've been using Topogun until now, but I think I'm gonna just start using this; it's easier, faster, and is one less program I have to deal with.  Anyway, normal map and texture transfer accomplished with xNormal, and it also generated cavity and AO maps for me while it was at it. Finished mesh, with weapon and accessories weighs in at about 8500 polys. Production sheet below:

...Oh ya, the astute among you will note that the image above implies to be a thing. Well, it totally is. It's my shiny new portfolio site, though I am already trying to sort out how to do the thing properly from scratch (this one was made with the free service Weebly, which is awesome if you're trying to get a site up in a hurry.)

Anyway, that's about it for now, I'm trying to sort out what I wanna do next. Hmm.......


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